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Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 – Work Experience June 29th – 3rd July 2020  


 Work experience is when students spend time in an adult working environment carrying out tasks and duties as an employee, but with the emphasis on learning about the world of work.  The placement is not necessarily to reflect the eventual career choice of the student but should allow a broad experience of the work place and an opportunity to develop skills for the future.  We are delighted to be able to offer this to our Year 10 students in 2020. 

In order for this to be a meaningful experience we need your support in ensuring that you understand some key expectations as this is an expensive and we need to ensure that you are aware of the EBP’s (our provider) expectations.

If your young person does not wish to participate then please speak to their tutor,  they will be required to attend school. 

October 8th 5.30 - 6.30pm: Year 10  Work experience Information Evening – ALL Parents to attend. ​

Dec 12th  5.30 pm – 7.00pm:  Careers Evening  Prospect School,  LSH, Honey End Lane, Reading​ meet many of Berkshires leading employers

December 16th Return completed paperwork to school

January 20th - Student Interviews.

18th May - Placements into school

 ​​WEX week: 29th June - 3rd July 2020.


We would like to draw your attention to the following;

If your child does not fulfil the requirements  or withdraws before a placement has been sourced an administration charge of £50 will apply.

If your child withdraws from the process after a placement has been sourced for them, meeting all the criteria on their form, the full rate of £77 will be charged.  If the Education Business Partnership (EBP) are required to source an alternative placement for you a £60 change of placement fee will apply, plus the full fee of £77 for both the first and second placements (£154 plus £60).

In the case of own sourced placements, should the placement fall through due to EBP being unable to sanction, a flat administration fee of £25 will be charged.

We would hope that you will support us and your young person in ensuring that they view this as a part of their learning that will also lead them to finding meaningful employment in the future. That you understand that as a school with many costs towards providing a high quality education to your young person, work experience is expensive to organise, it is important that you  understand we will need to pass the cost onto you.

Students are encouraged to organise their own placements.  It is important that you also complete the employer details and agreement form by     If the employer information is not received by this date it may not be possible for own placements to proceed due to insufficient time for health and safety checks to be carried out.  Please note that all employers supporting work experience students must have Employers Liability Insurance. 

You can help your child by

  • Discussing the types of place that would be of interest
  • Ensuring that the application form is completed and returned to their tutor by the due dates.
  • Think about who you know that might help them find a placement.
  • Encourage them to understand that however nervous they might feel it is a wonderful opportunity for them.
  • If the student is sick or late please ensure they contact the employer and the school.
  • Checking that the work experience diary is completed.
  • Encourage your child to persevere even if the placement is not what was expected

After the placement:

Many students gain from the experience and this can show them the value of working hard at school or indeed give them a heightened understanding of the expectations of the work place.  Students will have the opportunity to update their CVs at school and talk in a mature way about their experiences.  However, we request that you also speak to them and relate it your own experience of work.   Ideally they will gain an appreciation of how rewarding work can be to be treated as adult can lead to behaviours that match. 

Parents and carers -