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Maths Revision

GCSE Maths Revision: Infinite Questions and Answers

The only way to get good at maths is to practise.

Spend 20 - 30 minutes three times a week on key topics and you will feel more confident, more prepared, and perform better than ever!

Here are four ways you might use the resources below:

1. Practice a topic you have just covered in class

Say you have just finished a lovely week of lesson on angles, or straight line graphs, or surds. You could do it in class, but can you do it at home without any help? Put yourself to the test by choosing that topic and trying out some questions.

2.  Each time you are given back a practice paper – target 3 topics that you need to go over again

3. Optimal spacing

Research suggests that the optimal time to retest yourself is 3 weeks after you have learned something. What topic were you studying 3 weeks ago? Now is the perfect time to test yourself out to see what you have truly understood.

4. Random Practice

Pick a topic at random, or get someone to choose one for you. Or try a randomly generated GCSE paper. Keep yourself on your toes by making sure you don't know what is coming next. After all, that is what it will be like in the actual exam.

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(You will need to register for free for the diagnostic quizzes)

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