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KS5 Technology

What do I need to know or be able to do before taking this KS5 course?

This course is for students who wish to continue their Design and Technology studies through a focus on Product Design & Graphic Products. Textiles might also be considered but not as a major focus material, i.e. design and manufacture of a chair with creative textiles covering.

This demanding and creative course offers enormous satisfaction to those students who are keen to express their ideas and who are ready to meet the challenge of a detailed study of design, particularly those who have studied Product, Textiles or Graphic Products at GCSE. However, other qualifications will also be considered from Art and Design, Diploma and other vocational courses.

Attractive features of the course are the production of 3D design and make projects which demands that students tackle real design issues and examination contexts that assess design and creative ability.

There are many different Design and Technology disciplines, ranging from footwear to automotive design. This course requires an ability to visualise, sketch, draw and produce models to communicate proposed solutions. ‘A’ level design encourages an awareness of economic, social, political, cultural, aesthetic and environmental issues relating to life around us.

KS5 Equipment

All students will need to purchase an A3 folder, a range of presentation resources including fine liners, pencil crayons, etc., a text book, scrap book and a sketch book, A3 size.

What will I learn in this AS/A2 Level course?

  • You will learn to propose solutions using a variety of media including freehand drawing, presentation visuals, CAD and CAM, desk top publishing (DTP), photography, and presentations to an audience and prototype construction.
  • You will learn to take a project from concept to completion. This will involve a process of ‘synthesis’ which is of a higher order than GCSE coursework. It will involve prototyping, testing procedures, modifications and recommendations. You will be expected to examine the implications for industrial production. Your project can be undertaken in the materials of your choice provided that resources are readily available and meet assessment criteria.
  • You will acquire knowledge about the working characteristics of a chosen group of materials and more general awareness of other resistant or pliable materials. The choice of materials available for study will depend on the popularity of choice of the majority of those applying for this course but may include a combination of Graphic Media, Resistant Materials and / or Textiles.

How is the KS5 Course Assessed?

Unit Title  Duration AS A
F 521 Advanced Innovation Challenge 7hr practical written and design paper Terms 1-3 preparation Exam, June of AS year 40%  20%
F 522 Product study of a product (student choice) Internally assessed Terms 1-2 60% 30%
F 523 Design, Make & Evaluate (student choice) internally assessed Terms 4-5   30%
F 524 Product Design Written and design paper Exam, June of final year   20%

KS5 Entry Requirements

Students should have achieved Grade B or above at GCSE in Design and Technology but strong grades in Art and Design would also be considered.

KS5 Career Opportunities

This course would form a good basis for further study in Design. For instance, combined with Mathematics and Sciences, leading to Manufacturing, Engineering and Architecture Degree courses, or with the arts to provide a foundation for Product, Fashion, Graphic or Interior Design.

Extra Curricula

  • Support with Homework and Coursework is available on Tuesday and Thursday in C12 3.00-4.30pm.
  • Planned Trips 2013-2014:
Recycling Plant – Year 7 Technology
Lego Land – Year 8 Technology
Warings Bakery – Year 9 Food
Clothes Show Live – Year 9 & 10 Textiles
The Design Museum London – Year 9 & 12