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Journalist Profiles

Year 9 Journalist Team


Ellie decided to choose Media because she wishes to become a Journalist in the future and she wanted to learn how to write a good report.

Ellie wishes mostly to become a reporter for the fashion industry for a popular magazine.

Ellie believes she does her best when it comes to analysing.


When he’s older he wants to be an action adventure games designer.

Media helps him at achieving what he want by helping him understand what to put in the games he shall create in the future. For example: what do all Action adventure games have?


Matthew choose Media because he believes it will help him become a Games Developer in the future. He believes taking Media as a subject now it will help him think of ideas and things that he can do as a Games developer in the future.

His specialties in Media is mainly around Photoshop.


Gregor chose media to learn more about the film industry and what is involved with creating films or to help him do something which includes the esports scene.

His specialties in media are Photoshop and movie knowledge and writing.


Caitlyn choose media because she’s interested in media and magazines.

Caitlyn choosing media will help her in the future not be so susceptible to it.

Her specialties in media are analysing and photography.


He thought it would be a good idea to choose media because he likes being a cameraman.

Mustaqeem hopes to become a journalist in the future.


At some point in Rhys life he wants to become a you tuber and choosing Media this helps him by training him with photo/video editing.

Rhys hopes to become a You Tuber.


Caitlin wishes to become a reporter in the future and she believes choosing Media will help push her towards her goal.

Caitlin says she does her best when it comes to Analysing Films or clips.


Aletha chose media because she loves journalism and wanted to know more about the world of media.  She has gained some experience interviewing people for media projects and would like to continue this further in the future.


In the future I want to work in the games industry

I took media because we learn about photo shop.  I think that this can help me design games when I’m older and it also helps me understand how to use different applications.

I like researching information about new games that are coming out.


Georgia chose media because she is interested in media and magazines.  She also has a keen passion for film and would like to learn more about the industry.

Her specialist area in media is photography.


Rahisa chose Media because she wants to be a journalist and would like to work with cameras.

Rahisa wishes to become a photo-journalist and travel the world.

Rahisa enjoys analysing different images.


I want to work at Microsoft in the future and feel that media will help me build on my skills in working as a team. 

I enjoy researching about football transfers.


I want to work for Microsoft or do YouTube and I also chose media to help me with my future.


I chose media because I enjoy using Photoshop.


I chose media because I want to work within the gaming industry and I want to develop my skills in editing photos and videos.


Maryam chose media because she wanted to learn how to use Photoshop more efficiently.  She also has an interest in journalism, so she wanted to look more into it as a potential career.


Cherie Chose Media Studies because in the future to either become a journalist or an author and thought Media would be a good thing to learn to help in the future.

Cherie believes she is good when it comes to editing pictures she has taken in programs such as Photoshop and is good in photography.


I enjoy working with new technology especially working with the cameras and in the radio studio. I visited the BBC broadcasting house and I thought it was very entertaining.


I chose media because I have an interest in magazines and journalism.

It will help me in the future because I want to own my own dance school and aspects of media will be helpful.