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The History Department has seen a real improvement over the last few years in terms of results and student uptake at GCSE and A-level.


From September 2014 we will be introducing the New National Curriculum for Years 7 and 8:

The Development of Church, State & Society

  • The Norman Conquest
  • The Church / Crusades
  • Magna Carta / Emergence of Parliament
  • The Black Death
  • Feudalism / Peasants Revolt
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Impact of Migration (new)
  • Elizabethan Religious Settlement and Conflict with Catholics / Armada
  • Civil Wars
  • The British Empire
  • Slave Trade
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Franchise Reform


GCSE Edexcel SHP

Areas Studied:

  • First World War Causes, Trench War
  • Home Front (Impact of War)
  • Second World War - Home Front
  • Medicine through Time
  • Germany 1918-45
  • USA - C1918-41 (Controlled Assessments).


AS History Edexcel - Year 12

Areas Studied:

  • Britain 1860-1930 - The Changing Position of Women
  • The expansion and challenge of nationalism German unification / Germany 1918-1945.

A2 History Edexcel - Year 13

Areas Studied:

  • The Making of Modern Russia 1856-1964
  • War and Peace 20th Century International Relations - E2 A World Divided.

As you can see, anyone who has an interest in current affairs, looking at different interpretations and enjoys investigating why things happen will be more than satisfied with the topics covered. If you have an enquiring mind History is the subject for you.

An Oscar Wilde said "Anyone can make History ... it takes a genius to write it"

We aim to make History come alive. We visit the Imperial War Museum or the Science Museum at GCSE and at A-level, attend a Student Conference on The Cold War.