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Food Technology

Teaching Staff:

Mrs F White
Miss J Prior

The use of food to produce a product to, fulfil a need. Food Technology can be defined as knowing how to design and make a good quality food product.  Within lesson time you will be given the opportunity to develop a variety of products, starting with raw ingredients developing them into a finished end product which is safe to eat and of good quality.  A variety of industries will be investigated looking at their product development teams, the packaging of the product, and the processing of food together with the functional properties of food.  This will enable you to understand food within industrial practices, whilst designing, making and evaluating food products in the food technology room.  Lessons will vary, some lessons will be a full ‘hands on’ practical, making your designed product, others will be a theory based look at nutrients and the properties of ingredients, whilst other lessons will be looking at differing food industries, with the possibility of visits to these industries.

The course will consist of a mixture of ‘design and make’ assignments, and specifically focused practical/design tasks that satisfy a particular need.  This will be in negotiation with the teacher and will account for 60% of the final mark.  The remaining 40% will be achieved by a terminal examination.

Students will be expected to provide ingredients for ALL practical work.