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Careers Guidance

Careers guidance at Prospect School has been aimed at providing both the skills and knowledge required to progress from KS4 into sixth form, employment with training, apprenticeships or further education.  

A specific plan has been followed over the past few years to reduce our NEET (not in employment, education or training) figure dramatically.

Year Prospect Reading Diff
2005 7.9% 12.1% 4.2
2006 9.2% 9.3% 0.1
2007 7.9% 9.0% 1.1
2008 10.4% 10.6% 0.2
2009 2.9% 6.5% 3.6
2010 2.7% 9.0% 6.3
2011 3.4% 15.8% 12.8
2012 2.1% 8.6% 6.5
2013 2.8%    

The excellent results are due to the careers guidance offered at school. This involves special days on the curriculum, such as the ‘Year 8 World of Careers Day’ and the ‘Year 10 Progression Day’. World of Careers Day is to show Year 8 students the opportunities offered by various sectors of industry. Progression Day shows students the different progression pathways available to students at this stage of their education.

The Year 8 day is followed up by sessions in the computer rooms where students use Fast Tomato. This is an interactive careers programme which allows students to register their skills and aptitudes and then match these to potential careers. Advice is given on these carer pathways – e.g. qualifications needed, where study can take place etc.

There are also lessons provided for all students on the Focus Friday programme.

We also hold a Careers Evening in March which is tailored to suit our students. Local colleges, employers, apprenticeship organisations etc are invited.

Work experience is undertaken by Year 12 students. In this process students have to apply formally for jobs on offer by writing a C.V., letter of introduction and attending an interview.

A major part of careers work is carried out by our Connexions Personal Advisors. Every student is interviewed as they go through Years 10 and 11. The careers interview offers expert advice and leads to the development of a career plan which should allow each student to see exactly where they are now and what they need to do to follow the career path they have chosen. Interviews last for 30 minutes and are followed up with a second interview where needed to monitor progress. Students are also contacted at home and offered interviews in the Connexions office (Friar St) during the holidays.

A series of assemblies are carried out – representing an overview from Adviza, apprenticeships, 6th form  and Colleges. In addition Adviza PAs are used to visit houses where attendance is poor or other social problems are evident.   To assist with independent learning the school invests in various careers on-line sites. The principle programmes available are Career Companion, Passportfolio, Higher Ideas and Heap Online. These are available from the Prospect School ‘Home’ page. To find the careers section go to ‘Academic’ and then click on ‘Learning’. Scroll down to the ‘Careers’ section where each site is listed.

A separate programme of work and guidance is in place for Bridge students (overseen by Julie Bunker - Adviza) and there are visits to Reading College arranged etc.

E-clips—Password PSrg4015.
Use the A-Z job search to get information on different careers and jobs.

Career Companion—Click on careers box
Use the tabs at the top to find recommended subjects to take.

Higher Ideas
Click on the light bulb and find the area you want to study in future. Use the tabs at the top to find recommended subject to take.
Every you need to know about becoming an apprentice.

Offers advice on all key career areas.

Other useful website links: Services and NHS

Sector Skills Council — Construction industry — IT, telecom and contact centre — Environmental and land based sector