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Business Studies & Economics

At Prospect School we strive to progress students’ ability to understand the economic and business environment which underpins our economy and lives. We aim to develop students’ entrepreneurial and business acumens to ensure they develop outstanding employability skills for the future so that they can be active participants in improving our future growth prospects.

An increasingly successful department which offers a wide range of academic and vocational courses at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.  We offer courses that are suitable for all abilities. Subjects currently offered include Business and Economics and Accounting. As a department we strive to be inclusive, to teach engaging and challenging lessons and to focus on the achievement of each individual. We offer a supportive and caring learning environment in which every student has the opportunity to achieve their personal best.

The Department of Business & Economics is a fantastic place to work: the staff are a group of hard-working and committed teachers who all have, at the very heart of their practice and approach, a belief in valuing each student and giving them the very best educational opportunities that the school can offer.

The excellent GCSE and A2 results achieved in August 2016 bear out the reality that the Name Department is constantly striving to build on the successes and improve.

Learning Area


Learning Area Co-ordinator working alongside KS3, 4 and 5 co-ordinators

Examination courses for KS4

We offer the under listed K4 courses;

  • GCSE Business Studies – and use Edexcel Examination Board and follow the and new specifications for teaching from September 2015. We also offer
  • NQF Btec First Business Level 1/2  and also  Edexcel Examination Board

Examination  courses for KS5

We offer the under listed K5 courses;

  • AS/A2 Level Business and AS/ A2 Economics courses:
  • AS & A2    Business   Edexcel Examination (Board (New specification starting 2015)
  • AS & A2   Economics OCR Examination Board (New specification starting 2016)
  • NQF Btec Business Level 3  - Edexcel Examination Board

Examination results


               A*-C     3+LP      4+LP

2015      70.4%     63.2%     38.2?%

2016      61.5%     55.8%     25.0%    “

2017      53.2%    42.6%    13.1%


NQF Btec Business

               A*-C     3+LP      4+LP

2015      56%        47.5%   5.0%

2016      60%       60.4%   41.7%

2017       67.4%   68.2%   25.0

Btec First L1/2 Business, the results have improved from 60% A*-C in 2016 to 67.4% in 2017, with 2.2 % achieving A* and A

In Business Studies, the results was 61.5 % A*-C in 2016  and  53.2% in 2017, with 3.2% achieving A* and A

A Level examination results

A-Level  Business

               A*-C     3+LP      4+LP

2015      88.8%        ?%          ?%

2016      57.1% 

2017  90.9%   

In A2 Business, the results have improved from 57.1% A*-C in 2016 to 90.8% in 2017, with 54.5% achieving A* to B


A2 Economics

               A*-C        3+LP      4+LP

2015        66.7%      ?%          ?%

2016      “             “            “

2017       75%

In A2 Economics, the results have improved from 66% % A*-C in 2015 to 75% in 2017,


NQF Btec Business Level 3

               A*-C     3+LP      4+LP

2016      %        ?%          ?%

2016      81.8%           “            “

2017       80.0%

In Name, the results was 81.8%% A*-C in 2016  and 80%% in 2017, with 40.0% achieving A* to B

Timetable structure

Year 9 have 5 lessons per week

Year 10 have 5 lessons per week

Year 11 have 5 lessons per week

KS5  have 5 lessons per week


We have intervention programmes for vulnerable cohorts of Year 11. There are intervention lessons for KS3 students whose literacy skills are in need of development. We also utilise a range of in class intervention strategies daily.

In addition there are booster lesson, One-to-one, Breakfast club

Additional resources

Media suite, computer room, Interactive whiteboard, Very supportive IT technician and support staff