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The Bridge is a Local Education Authority funded resource base that opened in September 1999 as a result of a local initiative to improve opportunities for inclusion in the Reading area.

Students who attend the resource are referred by the LEA and form part of the School’s overall intake, although they are not necessarily from the local catchment area.

All the students in the resource are statemented for moderate learning difficulties and have a range of additional problems, which would make them particularly vulnerable in a full time mainstream environment. The Bridge has a maximum of 30 places in Key Stages 3 and 4.


Bridge students attend lessons in the mainstream classroom as far as they are able to manage.  A particular effort is made to ensure that they attend those subjects in which specialist facilities and equipment are crucial.  Where possible, support is provided for them in the mainstream classroom. Students moving into Key Stage 4 choose their Options in the normal way and follow as many mainstream courses are they are able to manage.


Taught within the resource to the majority of our students. KS3 focusses on the core skills needed in number, shape space and measure and understanding and reasoning. At KS4 all students work towards completing an entry level award in Maths. Depending on the cohort of the students entry level functional skills and GCSE maths are also available.


Taught within the unit at KS3 looking at History and Geography, using the core skills developed in English to look at the world around us, past and present. At KS4 the ASDAN course beliefs and values is offered as an option choice.


Offered as a KS4 option choice, students will complete an entry level award in this subject.