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“The behaviour in lessons and around school is good. Pupils move around the school calmly and with purpose. Pupils are keen to participate in lessons and persevere when things get difficult”

Ofsted, 2016

At Prospect we believe that students behave best when they are taught stimulating and engaging lessons, where there are clear expectations about behaviour and standards of conduct.

We have a very simple behaviour policy, that all students and staff understand and is applied consistently in all lessons. We expect students to be ‘Ready to Learn’ at all times, which forms the basis of our expectations in lessons and around the school.

  • Listen actively and follow instructions
  • Enter the room on time ready to learn with the correct uniform and equipment
  • Attempt all learning to the best of their ability
  • Respect themselves and others in their class
  • Never give up

For students who are able to follow these simple expectations, they are rewarded through positive reinforcement, using praise and our online rewards system, VIVO (

Nevertheless, we recognise that there will be occasions where students get it wrong, and in the first instance, this is dealt with by the expectation that they will attend the ‘Ready to Learn’ session which is held for fifteen minutes at the end of the day. Students will have the opportunity to speak to their teacher to discuss the issues for their behaviour, and a senior member of staff reinforces the school expectations. In this way, issues are dealt with quickly and fairly and students are able to return to lessons with a ‘fresh slate’ with their class teacher, and re-engage with their learning.

For more serious breaches of discipline, students may be expected to spend a day in the Inclusion Learning Centre, or very occasionally, be excluded from school. However, in all instances, we aim to work very closely with parents and carers to ensure that students are back in lessons, learning and making progress as soon as possible.

In the most serious of cases, we work very closely with the local authority who provide specialist behaviour interventions, and in some cases, alternative education provision.