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Uniform Reminder

At the start of the new year and a new school term, please  take this opportunity to remind yourself and your child  of our expectations of high standards regarding uniform.

A list of uniform is shown below and also to view on our website. Please click here

School uniform
  • Plain black ’V’ neck sweat shirt with Prospect School logo;
  • School tie;
  • A white shirt buttoned to the collar;
  • Black smart trousers or black skirt or black shalwar, black skirt and black head scarf;
  • Suitable footwear – plain, black, low heeled and able to be polished;
  • Plain black socks;
  • Plain black or navy outside coat;
  • No more than one plain stud in each ear.

The following are not considered appropriate for the school environment at any time:

  • Apart from one plain stud in each ear, any body piercing of any form;
  • Necklaces or any other jewellery;
  • Excessive make-up or nail extensions;
  • Jeans worn as trousers, leggings or ‘skinny’ trousers;
  • Skirts that are too short or tight;
  • Denim or leather jackets;
  • Any sweatshirt without the Prospect logo, including hoodies;
  • Boots or trainers of any sort;
  • No logos or markings other than the school crest are acceptable;
  • Extreme hairstyles and unnatural colouring;
  • No hats/headwear of any sort, other than a headscarf.

School uniform is an important part of school life and provides a benefit to both school and parents. It ensures that the image the school projects is one of pride, industry and identifiable purpose, all of which are very important. School uniform is helpful for parents as it prevents competition and confusion over what is acceptable for school. Prospect School does not consider extreme fashion to be desirable. All students are expected to be in the correct uniform.

Students who do not comply with the uniform code will be challenged by staff. There are a number of possible courses of action depending on circumstances at the time in question: -

Possible courses of action are as follows: -

  • Parent/Carer contacted and student sent home to get correct uniform;
  • Withdrawal from lessons;
  • Parent/Carer may bring correct uniform into school.

The school does not expect a note to be given to a student for an indefinite period of time. The expectation is that the correct uniform will be worn as soon as possible (i.e. next day). Please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Head of Year if you have any questions regarding uniform.

Mr M Priddey,  Assistant Headteacher