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Tree Planting on Thursday 29th November

In a very fortunate break in the weather, on what started as a very wet and windy day, students in 9C/Gg1 along with Mr Seal and Mr Jenkins planted a set of trees which coincided with national tree planting week. The project was set up to highlight awareness of our carbon footprint and how tree planting is an essential activity to help offset this environmental damage. The trees were donated to the school by the company Carbonfootprint which works with Bluesky and Mid-level companies who pay environmental subsidies to limit the amount of tax they pay. We received 30 trees in total, 10 species each of Dog Rose, Silver Birch and Cherry Bird. At the start of their Geography lesson the students plotted where the trees were going to be planted and started digging the holes for the saplings to go into. The students were rewarded with blue skies and dry conditions and really seemed to enjoy getting stuck in with the planting, even when faced with the occasional earth worm during the digging. 20 trees were planted in total after 2 and a half hours with a handful of students choosing to keep at it during their lunch break. A reporter from the Chronicle was also present, bringing an added sense of occasion for the students who all seemed very proud with their afternoon’s work. The planting was a huge success and we are already discussing the prospect of getting more trees into the school. A huge thanks to everyone involved in the planning of the project, the construction students who helped with the initial plotting and digging and of course the students of 9C/Gg1 and Mr Seal for showing such enthusiasm with the tree planting.