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Choose Respect. Thought for the Day will be discussed in tutor time.

The theme this year is ‘Choose Respect’.

Respect means to ‘have due regard for (someone’s feelings, wishes, or rights)’.

Students will be reminded of this throughout the week, in tutor time, lessons, assemblies and around the school.




Spoken word poem (written by young people):

I Choose
You Choose
We Choose Respect

Choose Respect, it’s Fundamental,
Essential in life and elemental,
Without it, relationships can be temperamental,
Which can end up being detrimental,

Choose to Respect everyone’s perspective,
A difference in opinion, that’s our prerogative.
Listen to others and be appreciative,
Rather than inconsiderate and argumentative,

Choose to respect their equality,
Regardless of their gender or sexuality,
Their way of life, or nationality,
Life should contain no exclusivity.

Choose to respect the disrespectful,
Don’t allow them to feel powerful,
Don't fight back with words that are hurtful,
Or act impulsively and end up regretful,

Choose to respect the disrespected,
Respect is something that is reflected,
Respect can prevent someone from feeling dejected,
Respect is a cycle that is interconnected,

Choose to make respect an easy decision,
Choose inclusion without persuasion,
Choose tranquillity over aggression,
Choosing respect should take little comprehension
We choose respect as a mutual decision,
Made by us with no deliberation

I Choose
You Choose
We Choose Respect