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Year 8 Girls Become World Beaters

Prospect girls and their cheerleading team become first UK champions at Summit World Championship

Give me a P, give me an R, give me an O, giv…..well you see where I’m going with this. Congratulations to our Year 8 girls Holly & Miracle as they and their cheerleading team Crimson Heat came out on top at the Summit World Championship in Florida becoming in the process Junior Cheerleading World Champions.

The now world beating team based in Newbury competed with 20,000 athletes in the three-day event and impressed judges immediately achieving the ultimate score for a 2.30 minute performance ‘Hit Zero’ on the first day before hitting it again the very next day.

Miracle is a great believer in cheerleading giving you life skills, “I think cheerleading is perfect for me because it shows you need to be determined and willing to work together as a team." Adding “I think you need to be understanding of people, willing to succeed and do everything it takes to win.”

Training for only 3 hours a week with none of the technical specialist equipment associate with the elite level of this sport, Crimson Heat took on and defeated the World’s best to become the junior competitions first non-US winners.

Coach Gareth Green, believes a small team of dedicated people can achieve anything “I think the message to everyone, is that you have to believe. It doesn’t matter what people say, who tells you can’t do something, if you set your mind to something, if you want something hard enough, you can do it. Don’t ever doubt yourself, don’t ever hold back, just push, just go for it, and then the result is…well, Crimson Heat as World Champions.”

Speaking about our two Prospect girls Gareth was impressed with their winning attitude. "Both athletes have an incredible track record within the program in attendance and competition results remaining undefeated all year. 
Dedication, perseverance and hard work are two of the qualities the two girls have, allowing me to decide to place them on the team."

Adding “I am proud of them and am happy to say they deserve every second of their success.”