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Year 11 Mock Interviews

A fantastic Friday Mock Interview Day with all our Year 11s interviewed by a professional.  We had esteemed business professionals from the Rotary Club who gave up their time to share their expertise and experience of interviewing.  All the students were put on the spot and given the opportunity to present themselves as if for interview.  Many brought their CVs and were able to receive constructive feedback on how they might develop their skills and tips for how to make career decisions.  

The students felt that it gave them the confidence to be able to present themselves in a professional manner. 

One student commented " I was really nervous about this and I thought I would not know what to say - I wasn't even sure if I had any skills but once I started talking I started to realise that there are loads of things I can do and I came away feeling really quite excited about my future".  

The Rotarians gave the students advice and guidance based on their many years experience as interviewers and took the time to make suggestions as to how they might improve or expand on their work experience.  



We agreed we should make this an annual event.  






Siobhan Gallivan

Head of Careers

Prospect School | Reading | RG30 4EX
Telephone: 0118 959 0466